Pastor for Grace B­­­ible Fellowship

Our name, Grace Bible Fellowship (GBF), accurately depicts us. God’s adequate and sufficient “grace” for salvation and for life is our cornerstone. The “Bible” is central and core to everything taught and done in the church. The “fellowship” of the believers at GBF is heart-felt as we are bound to and committed to each other.

Planted in 1996, GBF still has a significant number of charter members who have faithfully served and supported the church. The church is autonomous, elder led (with the pastor being a co-equal elder), debt free, and financially stable. Like many 25-year-old churches, the congregation has aged and now needs to reach out to bring in younger families. So, we are looking for a Bible teaching pastor who is highly motivated and gifted in evangelistic outreach to foster church growth.

Grace Bible Fellowship is committed and faithful to supporting our 7 overseas and 2 domestic missionaries, and we are involved in local ministries in our area such as Good News Clubs, 5-day clubs, Family Promise and food distribution to people in need.

Key Qualifications

  1. A man who meets the fundamental qualifications for an elder as delineated in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9, such as
    • having spiritual integrity evidenced by a disciplined personal devotional life of prayer and immersion in the Scripture
    • having a godly reputation within and outside the church
    • having a well-managed family, supportive of his pastoral role (if he has a family)
  2. A man who is an expository Bible teacher, performing biblical exegesis to prepare original content, with the ability to communicate biblical truth to a wide variety of people, making disciples and equipping the saints for ministry, per Eph 4:12-13
  3. A man who shepherds the church, caring for them, able to lead, guide, and as necessary admonish the people in the church
  4. A man who possesses a track-record of effective evangelism
  5. A man who has the skill and commitment to building a ministry team of staff, elders, and other leaders in the church
  6. A man who, preferably, has an undergraduate or higher Bible degree and 3 or more years ministry experience, ideally in a pastoral role
  7. A man who agrees with Grace Bible Fellowship’s doctrinal statement, constitution, and by-laws

Basic Job Description

  1. Preach and coordinate the Sunday morning worship services
  2. Provide vision and leadership for reaching out to the non-Christian community
  3. Conduct baptisms, communion, memorial services, weddings, and visitation as needed
  4. Encourage, oversee, and sometimes facilitate church wide and/or small group Bible studies and prayer meetings
  5. Participate in elder meetings, assisting with vision, leadership, and team development
  6. Manage any other paid church staff


The basic compensation package will be between $50,000 to $75,000 depending on the qualifications and experience of the candidate. Compensation includes allowances for housing, Federal Tax (if applicable), medical insurance, and retirement. In addition, GBF pays for long-term disability and life insurance premiums, reimburses for pastoral expenses and yearly continuing education (conference attendance, etc.), allows for three weeks paid vacation, six paid holidays, and six personal days per year.

Application Procedure

Please submit your resume and accompanying documents in a PDF format to

Your submission should include the following:

  1. Your resume showing at least contact information, education, and ministry experience
  2. Your personal testimony of how you became a Christ-follower and what being an ongoing Christ-follower means to you (about 1-page)
  3. Your personal ministry philosophy (about 1-page)
  4. A condensed summary of your doctrinal convictions (about 1 to 3 pages)
  5. If possible, please provide a link to videos of your preaching