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Brian Gomes, Sr. Pastor

    Pastor Brian is serving as Senior Pastor at Grace Bible Fellowship in Kelso.  







Calvin Blom, Assoc. Pastor

 Calvin and his wife, Evelyn, joyfully concur with these words: “The longer we serve Jesus, the sweeter He grow.” Nearly 50 years ago their relationship began in a context of doing ministry, and their entire life as a family has been integrated into active ministry in the USA and abroad.

Over a decade ago the Blom’s left Grace Bible Fellowship to host a retreat center for pastors, and then for eight years Calvin served as the Sr. Pastor of a church in Battle Ground.  Now Calvin and Evelyn are delighted to return and serve as a part-time associate pastor. Calvin continues teaching as an adjunct professor at Multnomah Biblical Seminary, and he serves as spiritual director to a variety of people in the northwest. Evelyn thoroughly enjoys the ministry of hospitality and teaching God’s word.   

The Blom’s consider serving at Grace Bible Fellowship as a great privilege for which they are very grateful.

Calvin’s Life Purpose Statement:

                                                 For Jesus, to influence as many lives as possible in as many ways as possible,                                                     to embrace Christ’s Kingdom values.